Web Analytics

Web analytics is one of the important tools for business and market research. It’s a tool used to measure, track, analyze, review and report website activity/data. For instance, web analytics can reveal the most popular paths to purchase and the most popular pages on your website.
Some of the data collected during web analytics are conversion rates, page views, traffic sources, and so on. These data are broken down into groups such as:

  • Audience data: this includes the number of new visitors to a page, the ratio of new and returning visitors, the number of visits, and the type of browser they use.
  • Audience behavior: this includes the number of pages per visit and the most frequently visited page.
  • Campaign data: this includes the website that refers the most traffic and the keyword searches which resulted in the visit.

Steps Taken In Web Analytics & Importance

  • Setting an objective
  • Data collection
  • Processing of collected data
  • Identifying Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Formulation of strategies
  • Testing of different strategies.


    • It helps you to know how your website performs over time to help inform future efforts.
    • It can be used to improve the effectiveness of websites.


    There are several types of web analytics tools. A few of these are highlighted below:

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